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You need a team!!

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

This week we are discussing the need for every singer, every person really, to have a team! That group of people who will steer you in the right direction, have your best interest at heart, and keep you grounded.

The main points we made:

1. Your team is there to help you realize a vision you have for yourself, and your career. The responsibility for creating this vision is up to you! You are your team leader.

"Some teams are building teams, while others are support teams."

2. Don't rely on emotional support from someone you are meant to build your project with! Keeping everyone in their lane of expertise will bring a better outcome for everyone involved.

3. Those in your inner circle will be the ones you take your life cues from. Choose wisely!

4. Show appreciation for your team. Thank them often for their hard word and support! We like to send gifts and cards from time to time, and buy lunch or coffee. Showing gratitude in small ways will keep your team motivated.

In the end, we believe that we need to celebrate those on our team. We may be in the spotlight, but they helped us get there! And sharing the victory is sooooooo sweet!