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What do an opera singer and a social scientist have in common? Not much on the surface, but after dozens of conversations, and probably too much coffee, we discovered that we're all working towards the same outcome: to see people living to their fullest potential. Through a combination of data, story, and sound, we believe we can help others live out their unique purposes as well.

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Soula Parassidis

Greek-Canadian operatic soprano Soula Parassidis is an entrepreneur, anti-humantrafficking advocate, and producer. She has appeared on stage in the world's major performance venues and is the CEO of Living Opera.

Norman Reinhardt

American operatic tenor Norman Reinhardt has been a fixture of the international stage for nearly 20 years. He is a producer and the director of education for Living Opera.

Christos Makridis

Christos Makridis is a professor, entrepreneur, and social scientist with over 50 peer reviewed academic papers and 100 op-eds in the popular press. He is the COO of Living Opera.

Our story

As we look forward to the next chapter of Living Opera, we’re super excited about our Magic Mozart collection and the ability to provide grants to the community! We’re fundraising right now and have plans to launch phase 2 of the project through donations from the newly formed Living Arts Foundation, the philanthropic wing of LO.

We're also building our mobile app, which will help people all over the world find expression through sound and art. Users will be able to share these images on social media and/or sell their unique artworks on a marketplace of their choosing.

We're actively looking for partners to expand our educational services, particularly to benefit children and get them excited about music. Right now we're speaking to a potential partner in NYC about how we can pilot an educational project for kids in that region.

We're thrilled to forge the way for classical musicians to enter the NFT world!

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