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Living Opera lives at the intersection of new and old by combining cutting edge tech with the operatic voice.

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Living Opera

What do an opera singer and a social scientist have in common? Not much on the surface, but this team shares one core value: we want to see people living to their fullest potential both on, and off-stage.

We produce transformative, immersive digital and in-person experiences

Technology is a vehicle for creating transformative, immersive experiences that empower and inspire people at scale. By combining the timeless beauty of fine art, especially opera, with technological tools, we are taking building a flourishing worldwide community.


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to live in and invite

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Exploring creative potential...

We're on a mission to build bridges through the power of music and the wonder of visual art. We believe every person is here on purpose, for a purpose, and we want to invite you into a world where you can explore your creative potential, and support artists on their creative journey.

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