we are all a Living Opera

The name reflects a progressive approach to life, work and education.“Living” means “full of life and vigor” and "opera" means (in the Latin) “labor, or work.” In this sense, the ethos of our vision is one of passion and persistence, constantly seeking self-actualization. We believe each person is a living work in progress; each person is a "Living Opera".

At our core, we are a multimedia art-technology startup, but we also train artists in strategy, entrepreneurship, advocacy, and problem-solving to build a lasting musical career in the digital era.

We are pioneering a new approach in classical music. We're glad you're here for the journey.

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We would love to work one-on-one with YOU to help you achieve your goals! Below you'll find the 3 types of services we provide: voice lessons, career consultations, and media training. We look forward to partnering with you soon!
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