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That's what we do at Living Opera.

We created this platform upon the advice of a mentor: "Create the culture in which you wish to live, and invite others to join you.

The internal culture of opera and classical music is rapidly changing, and we feel we have a duty to inform, equip, and empower the upcoming generation of artists to not only compete, but THRIVE in their careers.

Living Opera tackles serious issues like rejection, performance anxiety and ageism combined with practical advice, like how to succeed in auditions, or even how to make a simple budget. We also have FUN, often creating content to simply give someone a laugh after a hard day.

Every week, we connect live with emerging artists on Instagram, and Facebook. Our goal is to inform them of the challenges we face within the classical music industry, all while creating an atmosphere of hopeful possibility, with a good dose of realism. We currently have active users and mentees in Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Canada, USA, Greece, Argentina, Switzerland, and beyond.  After nearly a year of the project, we have been privileged to personally mentor dozens of people one on one, in addition to our full time singing careers. We guide them through difficult situations and decisions that will shape their future in the industry. 

We have also had some unique, and sometimes unexpected opportunities to share our passion for opera and our personal stories! We were invited to work with the world's leading classical music channel, Medici TV, Florida State University, Northland Church in Orlando, and  Soula was also invited to give a lecture on "Self-Branding for Entrepreneurs" by the London-based organization Reload Greece.

2020 has presented some unprecedented challenges for humanity, and it is more important than EVER to keep informing, equipping, and empowering yourself, so you can turn around and do the same for someone else.


At the end of the day, that is the culture we want to live in, and the culture we are striving to build every single day.

Welcome to Living Opera.


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