September 9, 2023

Five Lessons I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career

Writen by
Soula Parassidis

Five Lessons I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career

Five Lessons I Wish I Knew at the Start of My Career

Navigating the early stages of a career is a nuanced task, filled with choices that can set the tone for years to come. Based on my own journey, here are five key lessons that could serve as a balanced guide for those just starting out. These insights are not just theoretical; they're born from real-world experience and can be applied across various career paths.

The Power of Specialization

Early in my career, I made a pivotal decision to specialize in German repertoire, after initially focusing on Mozart. This wasn't just a passion project; it was a strategic move. Specializing allows you to stand out in a crowded field and signals a level of expertise that can be a real asset. Choose a niche that aligns with both your interests and market demand, and you'll find it pays off in more ways than one. Specialization also opens doors to opportunities that might not be available to generalists, from specialized gigs to expert panels and more. Since I was already fluent in German and working primarily in the German-speaking world, it seemed like the right choice to make at the time.

Financial Planning: A Non-Negotiable

Starting a career often comes with financial challenges that can be both intimidating and limiting. I tackled this head-on by setting a budget early on, and it's a practice that has served me well, even if things haven't always gone according to plan. Knowing your financial boundaries doesn't just keep you solvent; it allows you to make informed decisions about investments in your career and personal life. It's not just about surviving; it's about thriving. Planning how you're going to give you money an assignment should be liberating. Remember: money is a tool that empowers you reach your goals quickly and YOU get to be in control of the portion you have. It's imperative to allocate resources as effectively as possible with a longterm mindset. We're in this career for the long haul!

Mentorship: A Two-Way Street

In this digital age, finding a mentor is more accessible than ever. While I'm honored to serve as an online mentor and resource to many, I can't overstate the value of local, in-person mentorship. The insights gained from a face-to-face conversation over a meal are often more impactful than any digital interaction. Mentorship is not just a learning opportunity; it's a chance to build a lasting, mutually beneficial relationship. And don't forget, mentorship is a two-way street; you also bring your own unique perspectives and skills to the table. When you're in the mentee position, remember to be tactful and avoid draining your mentor. This isn't a therapy session, it's a chance for you to get cutting edge advice about the business that will put you on the fast track. Come ready with all your questions and remember having a mentor is a privilege, not a right. Pro tip: I don't know how many cups of coffee or lunches I've bought for people who were more successful, financially prosperous, or ahead in the career than me. I view it as investing into my future. Simply put, I can't expect to get everything for free. If they are kind enough to give of their time and invest in me, the least I can do is buy them a latte.

Mental Health: The Silent Priority

If there's one thing I wish I had taken more seriously earlier, it's mental health. This is a high-stakes, high-stress field, and mental resilience is not optional; it's essential. Prioritizing mental well-being is an investment in your long-term success and quality of life. It's also crucial for maintaining the level of performance and creativity that your career demands. Don't do what we did: we waited until things were already falling apart before we got help. NO! If there is one area where we need to be ultra proactive, it's in our health in every sense. You won't be able to do anything else we've discussed here without it.

Social Media: The Modern Networking Tool

When I started, social media was still gaining traction and was often dismissed by industry professionals. Some of the biggest agencies in the world didn't even engage with it until 2021. Let that sink in! Today, it's indispensable. If I had this tool in my early years, I would have leveraged it to build a global network, keeping my finger on the pulse of industry trends while also creating a support system. Social media isn't just for sharing selfies; it's a powerful platform for professional growth if used strategically. We will cover how to use social media effectively soon!


There's no one-size-fits-all blueprint for career success, but these lessons have been invaluable in my own journey. They offer a balanced approach to navigating the complexities of career development, and I hope they serve you as well as they've served me. Remember, the path to success is rarely a straight line; it's a journey filled with twists, turns, and invaluable lessons. Equip yourself with these insights, and you'll be well on your way.

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