Inform. Equip. Empower.

That's what we do. We are on a mission to transform the internal culture of classical music one person at a time. Our resources for developing artists will help you approach your career in classical music comprehensively, taking the whole artist into account. Whether you opt for one on one training, or enroll in our flagship course Beyond Your Big Break, you will quickly find out we do things differently around here than what you might be used to...




and into

a thriving career

An immersive 8-week online course

So you've made your BIG BREAK into the performing arts industry!! That's amazing!! So how do you plan to STAY THERE for the next 10, 20, or 30 years?

Our online course is designed to give you building blocks to move beyond your big break and into a thriving career on your own terms.

Week 1

We teach you how to properly set an “actionable goal”, and how Norman used our 8 step system to conquer his fears on stage.

Week 2

We give you a vocal road map to take the mystery out of choosing your repertoire using our 2 Guiding Principles and 6 Vocal Perspectives.

Week 3

We give you our 8 step practice system and teach you how to determine your personal learning style to optimize your practice sessions.

Week 4

We teach you how to create the perfect aria package based on our experiences with casting directors, as well as how to pick your opening aria for auditions and competitions.

Week 5

We teach you how to evaluate and execute professional auditions to have a good experience and get booked for jobs.

Week 6

We tell you about the "start up" costs of being a professional singer, the purpose of every business, and how we can transform our mindset to learn from other successful business models.

Week 7

Is all about YAPS! We talk about Norman's experience at the HGO Opera studio, as well as how to build your own YAP program to fill in any knowledge gaps pre-career.

Week 8

To succeed in the music business, you need a sound mind. In our final unit, we teach you about mental toughness, and the 7 characteristics we had to develop to withstand the pressures and realities of becoming a full-time professional singer.


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(Coaching / Training / Consultation)

We're passionate about seeing others live to their full potential and reaching their goals! We offer three types of services to help you get to the next level in your artistic journey, including voice coaching, career consultations, and multimedia/social media  training.

Voice lesson

We view ourselves as an additional set of ears to your existing team. We want to work together to maximize the vision you have with your current voice teacher, and add value wherever we can with our particular set of expertise.

*If you don't see the time you want, please email us at: and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule!

1 hour

Career consultations

Are you wondering how to build your career and don't know where to begin? Feeling stuck about your next move? We would love to strategize with you about your future! We always work from a "best-case scenario" standpoint, while still being realistic about the business of music. We are happy to work with non-singers as well!

30 minutes

Media training

Ever wondered how to build a personal brand from scratch? Create media materials? Get more engagement on social media? Write a CV/Bio/Emails? Soula would be happy to help you with your personal brand strategy!

30 minutes


Sprano, Croatia

Create a culture of personal excellence" might be the best thought to describe the power of Living Opera project and community. The willingness to share their valuable experience and knowledge is what makes Soula and Norman so different. It feels great to be a part of highly professional and yet warm and welcoming community.

It gives me motivation to learn and practice even more, as well as enjoy while discovering my journey as a singer and an artist. Norman and Soula's mentorship has been of a great value to me.



Sprano, Croatia

A combination of skill, experience, compassion, honesty and enthusiasm is my thought of an artist, singer and mentor. Soula and Norman share a spirit of possibility, unselfishness, support, authenticity transmitting their vocal, artistic and human brilliance. I am honoured to be a member of this community and part of its journey.



Soprano, USA

A place where you can ask questions, a place where you are fully supported, a place full of positivity and bright minds: that's the Living Opera community. The reality of this job is a lot more complicated than we're taught in school. Living Opera puts out tons of relevant information for the modern singer and has continually empowered me to find my niche in this industry.



Bassoonist, Portugal

I noticed Living Opera a while ago and at first I started following because I’m a big opera fan and was curious, but ended up staying and engaging with Soula and Norman because, besides the quality technical content for singers, (we instrumentalists are fascinated by this too by the way!), they are very inspiring. They are skilled professionals in a very competitive job, that look around, ask questions, and are open to creating and working on the solutions. In is an empowering community that I can’t wait to see grow!

Who we are

Soula Parassidis

Greek-Canadian operatic soprano Soula Parassidis is an entrepreneur, anti-humantrafficking advocate, and producer. She has appeared on stage in the world's major performance venues and is the CEO of Living Opera.

Norman Reinhardt

American operatic tenor Norman Reinhardt has been a fixture of the international stage for nearly 20 years. He is a producer and the director of education for Living Opera.

Christos Makridis

Christos Makridis is a professor, entrepreneur, and social scientist with over 50 peer reviewed academic papers and 100 op-eds in the popular press. He is the COO of Living Opera.

For universities

Living Opera actively contributes to the production of new research around the role of fine arts in society and, importantly, in education. As an illustration of our scientific work, we published a handbook chapter that explains how art and music education in early childhood plays an integral role in advancing cognitive skills, social skills, and habit formation.

get handbook

Living Opera would love to partner with your school! We offer competative pricing and flexible packages based on the needs of your students. In addition to our flagship course Beyond Your Big Break, we also offer online and in person masterclasses, voice lessons, seminars, and Q&A sessions on singing, entrepreneurship, and branding.