February 6, 2020

Should you sing in the mask?

We collected all your questions via Instagram, and we've already uploaded two videos on Youtube for you, we hope they help!

For those of you who are struggling on your technical journey, we want to encourage you and remind you that singing is as much about learning about YOURSELF, as it is learning technique. So don't fight the process! Your time in the studio may unearth some ugly memories, or push you to a place emotionally you are not ready for. This is normal, and this means you are growing.

We encourage you to embrace where you are today, and keep up the good fight. (And believe that it certainly is a FIGHT from time to time.)

We also want to tell you that it won't always be a struggle. After many years, and many thousands of dollars of voice lessons, (ouch!), we are BOTH very happy with where we are vocally, and we are reaping the fruit of our decades of study.


Sometimes you have to learn to be content where you are. For us, that meant learning to be just as joyful and enthusiastic about singing in the practice room as we are when there is an audience to entertain.

"E se non ho chi m'oda,Parlo d'amor con me!" - Cherubino, in Le Nozze di Figaro

We are a bit like dear Cherubino - "and if nobody wants to listen to me, I will speak of LOVE to myself" - of course I am talking about singing. But you have to learn to be so convinced of your OWN ability, and your own WORTH, that you even find pure contentment when you are singing JUST FOR YOU.

Our dedication to our skills have trained us, and even unlocked a truth for us: no matter for whom, where, or under which circumstances we sing, the only thing that really matters is if we feel that we have acquitted ourselves well, and to the best of our abilities.

So we want each of you to keep this in mind when you are practicing. Do not solely crave the attention, the stage, the lights, the costumes and the applause. Those things are fleeting and will not fill the longing in your heart for something permanent.

The lessons of perseverance and discipline you will learn from working no matter the reward or outcome, will produce some things in you that will NEVER be taken away: the satisfaction of a job well done, and a spirit of excellence.

We look forward to enriching your journey and hope to see you all on Youtube!

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