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Living Opera Video by request: Audition Tips

Today we got spontaneous! Here's our first impromptu video by request, hope you enjoy it and go on to have GREAT auditions!! (Let us know!!)

Greetings from adorable Odense, Denmark! We have been busy all week hosting the Carl Nielsen International Competition for Medici TV. Our new challenge has been very rewarding, and we have heard SO many exciting new young talents. The future looks very bright for classical music!

Today we got a question about auditions via Instagram from one of our dedicated Living Opera followers, so I said we'd do a full video response. We hope our quick tips are helpful!

Dress like yourself when you do an audition. When in doubt, wear something you'd wear to a nice lunch!

We already did a full talk on auditions, including our most embarrassing audition stories. (Keep your shoes on!) I've included it below today's video for your convenience!

Here's our first video about auditions!! (Our embarrassing audition stories start at the 27:00 minute mark!)

Feel free to submit your questions for Living Opera via Instagram, Facebook, or directly here on the website!! We've got some exciting things coming soon, including our FIRST Living Opera guests!!

*As promised, our first full-length article, "Four different types of fear to overcome", will be published soon, many apologies for the delay - a sudden uncharacteristic bout of perfectionism has set in and we're still editing it....

**(the video version is available on Youtube already from Sunday's broadcast!)