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How to deal with rejection

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Sad but true: if you want to be a professional performer you will have to get very comfortable with being rejected.

It will be by people who may or may not have honest objectives and motives, and it will be often. The good news, is that you do not have to hold onto the sting of rejection as you develop as a person. We hope our insights provide you with some necessary tools to do JUST THAT!

"I thought being a successful singer was going to solve all my life's problems."

Often, singers equate their vocation with their identity, to catastrophic results. We prefer to think of singing as an extension of our identity, but not where we find our value as a person. Watch the full video for more!

This was our very first video broadcast, in case you couldn't tell, we were NERVOUS! It was a lot of fun though...