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Living Opera: answering a couple questions!

Norman came to visit me in Bordeaux so we did a short video to say hi to you guys after a long break. Thanks for your questions and sorry we didn't get to most of them, oops!

This evening at 19h CET, 1pm EST, we're diving into a NEW full topic: vocal transitions! This is a topic that has been very relevant to us for a very, very long time! Hope this short video will get you through the day until then, LOL!!

What we talked about in this video:

1. When do you say NO to something? (We like this question and lot and will be turning it into a full talk soon!)

2. Any encouragement or tips for taking a year off to stay at home and save money?

3. How often to you guys talk when you're apart? How do you make it work?

See you later!