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How to sing: exercises for your head voice! (You MAY sound like Brunnhilde after this!)

Hey there Living Opera subscribers, or folks who stumbled onto this website, WELCOME!!

We are continuing our technique series for 2020, and today we are answering a question from one of our followers, Ashley Ambrose.

Ashley studies at Florida State University, where we were thrilled to do a Q & A session in December. She was worried she wasn't accessing her head voice, so we asked her to send us over a video.

Spoiler alert: she IS accessing her head voice, but we thought we could probably give her a few exercises that would make it even more efficient and easy in the future.

The developed head voice is one of the defining characteristics of the operatic sound, but there are a lot of misconceptions about HOW to access this register, and how to maintain the tautness needed in the soft palette WITHOUT hyperextending, which we see so often these days.

Just like our video about passaggio, we MUST talk about head voice before tackling HIGH NOTES, which everyone is always dying to talk about.

Building a healthy operatic voice is progressive and every building block must be firmly in place before we take the next step. At least, this is how we work.

We hope you are enjoying this technique series, and if you have a question you would like us to answer we are always happy to help, or if YOU would like to be featured in one of our videos next, please feel free to send us a clip via Instagram, or our Facebook page.

As always, we wish you happy practicing, and fun in the studio!

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