The poem of the pearvocado

"Pear. Avocado. Pear or Avocado! Pear or Avocado? Or pearvocado? I’m a pear. I am sweet. And I love the summer heat. The avocado side of me is not sweat she doesn’t like the summer heat. Not too long not too much otherwise She will be sludge. Hallelujah I’m a human! with hair to brush, with hands to touch. Sometimes I like the sun, I like to have some fun! Since I have legs and feet I can go around and great all my pearvocado friends. They lie around in the sun, I also like that, this is fun! They are sweat and harsh, like me sometimes. I can still feel the pearvocado within me and I don’t want to miss it. This poem is for Norm, the highest pearvocado form."

For this poem I got inspired by a really fun instagram story by Soula where she said Norm just asked her, how it’s like to be an avocado... and then he asked “how is it to be a pear?” Soula asked if someone has an idea. I got so inspired by these fun questions, that I wrote a poem. This community is such a great place to get inspired and inspire other artists. I’m glad to be part of it.