"I’m a baritone from Argentina. I found Living Opera on Instagram, and at first I thought Soula and Norman were just a couple of great singers, but the truth is that they are helping us in many other ways too! They give you tips for develop your technical knowledge, they make you laugh on the videos, they answer your questions on-on-one, and I think the best of all is that they are encouraging you all the time not to give up and keep going and going! For me the personally, Soula’s experiences are a great example to rise up and take the control of your life and get stronger, even in the worse scenario ever.  With determination, you are able to overcome and re-born as a better human being - that’s Soula! But dont forget Norman! He was the support she needed and that’s why they are an amazing couple! They are great singers, funny people, humble in an incredible way, a great motivation and inspiration, and I’m really grateful for both of them! They are lovely!! (And of course they are extremely good looking too!! HAHA!!)"