mezzo soprano


"I first heard of Living Opera, well, before they even came to be. I remember watching an early video of Soula and Norm when they were sitting outside on director's chairs discussing the idea and that they were going to name their channel Living Opera. I thought to myself this is brilliant, because that is exactly what we are all doing and we all want to know what everyone else is also doing in this opera business to make it work. What they are creating has become so much more than just a channel for me, they've brought together a community of like-minded opera singers (and lovers!) who are here to genuinely inspire, support, and enlighten each other in a unique and relevant setting. Opera is best experienced when we are surrounded by those that give their heart and dedication to bringing this art form to life every day and all around the world. I am honored to be a part of this community from the start. I am also excited to see this community grow and to see what Living Opera will do next, because, to be honest we are the future of opera and it is up to us to keep it going!"