Soprano + Lyric Diction Coach


The Living Opera community is the place to be for all vibrant, forward-thinking and enterprising creatives, singers and lovers and supporters of the holy art form of opera. This career is not without its trials and tribulations and Soula and Norman have masterfully, diligently and compassionately created an international, border-free and inclusive community who, together, serve to reimagine, promulgate and catapult the future of opera onto a new stage. They make this deliciously perfect art form, yet somewhat demanding path, all the more accessible, inviting and possible for performers beginning, continuing or returning. Living Opera decodes the industry and is refreshingly transparent. As a freelance Greek-Cypriot Australian soprano and Lyric Diction Coach based in Munich, Germany, on my own exhilarating career trajectory, I find solace, support, exchange and inspiration here. In my role as Italian Lyric Diction Coach, I serve the Living Opera Community by empowering long-term artistic independence through linguistic mastery. I align wholeheartedly with the Living Opera ethos and warmly support this wonderful initiative. Join the revolution!