May 31, 2019
Our favorite apps for singers!

1. Recorder Pro: Audio Manager

You know how I'm always going on about recording your auditions? Well, this is the app I use for that. I find the sound quality is quite good and you can even share tracks via WhatsApp!

2. Real Piano App

There are lots of piano apps, and I like this one the best because it gives me a 3 octave range. Essential if you're auditioning or working in a house with no piano in the practice rooms. (It happens. Seriously.)

3. Sleep Pillow

When we got married, Norman revealed that he likes to sleep with the sound of a fan. At first I was like, huh???? But now I find this app essential, especially when staying downtown in noisy cities like Paris and Madrid. We even slept through an all night house party in Cologne thanks to this app!

4. Follow Track

So I'm always suspicious when certain people start following me on instagram. You can almost tell they plan to unfollow you! Well, with this app you can track EVERYTHING! Who is following you, who is blocking you (boo, why??), new followers, and yes, those who have unfollowed you.

5. Facetune

This app is a lifesaver for our selfie culture! Now I'm not suggesting that we all start making our faces look like a plastic mess, but this app is great for making small cosmetic changes to your photos. It's an instant upgrade! (I currently use the cheapie version, but there is a version available for a one time purchase that lets you do all sorts of crazy stuff.)

6. Sign Now

This app lets you download your contract or anything else you may need to sign electronically. You just input your info on the document and email it back!

7. XE currency

When you're traveling to a new country it's really important to have real time on the local currency. This app is amazing - you can see conversion rates for as many currencies as you like at one time. Ideal if you're traveling a lot and don't want to spend more than you planned.

8. Hypetype

This app is great if you want to make your Instagram stories or videos a little "extra" and you don't mind paying a little for it. You can make animated captions in all sorts of fonts for exactly the mood you're trying to capture.


This app lets you play with filters and lighting. I really like it best for landscape and architectural photos, but you can use it for selfies too of course. There is a whole community built into the app if you're into that, but I mostly use it for the editing features.

10. Kayak

Kayak is my preferred travel app for comparing flight prices and schedules. I use it to see which airline has the best deal, and then go directly to that website to book. You can also use it to compare hotels and rental cars.


Use the stuff your phone already has!! I use Books to download my scores to my iPhone in PDF. I realize the phone face is very small, but you never know when you'll need to email your audition repertoire to someone, and it's far better to have all your arias right there!

What are you favorite apps? What do I need to know about? And if you use any of these apps let me know how you like them!

And check out this video, where I actually take you on a tour of ALL the apps on my OWN phone!!!

Written by:

Soula and Norman

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