December 9, 2021
Soula Parassidis featured in Opera Wire

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Originally posted Nov. 26, 2021

Exodus Road has announced that international opera singer and anti-trafficking advocate, Soula Parassidis, has joined the board of directors.

The soprano is a Greek-Canadian artist who has played leading roles on opera stages across Europe and the U.S and uses her platform to bring light and action to the tragic reality of human trafficking.

In a statement, Parassidis said that she aims to continue her goal “to use the voice and other modalities of communication to empower and inspire people to be agents of positive change in the world.”

The soprano also noted that she uses her Living Opera program to inform and equipt classical musicians to succeed in the music industry and to use their voices for impact far beyond entertainment.

She added “The operatic voice is powerful. It is raw and real. It is my desire to use that serious sound to draw attention to this serious problem, and The Exodus Road is an ideal partner.”

The soprano will be part of an eight member board which includes Microsoft Director Steve Leigh, country singer Craig Morgan, activist Edwin Desamour, former MLB player Daniel Murphy, humanitarian photographer Nate Griffin, and nonprofit leaders Tori Murphy (founder of Prom Series), Sarah Ray (founder of Neema Development) and Laura Parker (co-founder of The Exodus Road).

Written by:

Francisco Salazar

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