March 10, 2021
How I rediscovered my voice
"Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing", it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way.“

These lines, written by Fulton J. Sheen seem to be more current and accurate then ever. 

We live in a world where success is expected to be born overnight. In order to stay on track, we often reach for quick and shallow solutions, which ends in trampling on our principles and thus deepening frustration.People tend to seek answers in others. Somehow we are attracted by the thought that it would be better for us if somebody simply told us what to do and offered us a simple solution. Often we don't accept the fact that we are in charge of our lives and that everything starts within us, with our decision. Sometimes it implies to take action, other times to be obedient and consistent, or simply change the perspective. And I really needed a change in perspective.

Firstly, I had to look deep inside myself and see what it was that I wanted from my voice, my career, and my life. I made a commitment to myself to answer those questions no matter how long it took.

Secondly, I realized if I wanted the best of my voice and personality, I would need to find a good voice teacher who would mentor me and guide me. I knew I wanted somebody who would provide me exact information and true knowledge about singing technique, but also a person who would have enough patience, understanding and affection to start the journey with me. It takes a lot of courage for a mentor to take that kind of responsibility for another person. A true mentor should also give their pupil enough free space to express. Just that way can a true artist grow and finally blossom. Despite the fact that it seemed impossible to find the kind of person that I wanted, I wouldn't lower my expectations and that was a good thing. When we boldly decide to do something, make peace with it and commit to it, we will get all the help we need.

Finally, I realized that the journey of rediscovering my voice was not just been about learning the right technique and getting a great job -- these things will eventually come as a consequence if having the right information, honest encouragement and support combined and complete dedication to doing the hard hard work -- but rather getting to know myself and the purpose for the life I'm living is the true fulfillment. It is a journey of self discovery. It teaches me about patience, commitment, persistence and hard work. It forces me to look inside of myself, face my fears and weaknesses and fight back. Every day I learn something new. That process is most certainly not a privilege of arts. As a matter of fact, any branch of human action can be the journey, even the most "simple" occupation, as long as we truly commit to it and give our contribution to the world. 

It’s crucial to always listen to that little voice inside of us that always separates right from wrong. The (re)discovery of one’s purpose requires an honest and realistic approach, willingness and strength to choose not what would, for whatever reason be easier, but what is right instead. In other words, every profession that allows us to grow and pursue the path of personal excellence, might be our true call.

Discovering true purpose also means finding deeper meaning in our actions. That is why we should always keep asking: why? Why do we singers want to be on stage?The way I see it is pretty simple, and to me it has always been clear: to tell other people's stories. Interpreting a character doesn't mean only singing an aria flawlessly or showing one's acting skills, but getting to know the character at a deeper level, understanding their fears, motivations, interests and therefore actions. 
That kind of comprehension brings me another perspective, builds empathy and finally, makes me wiser. Studying the role profoundly (and mastering musical principles, of course), gives an authentic interpretation as a result. An honest aproach gives us a bigger reward. My desire is to take the audience to another world. When I’m on stage, I feel like in another dimension, where the whole world pauses for a moment. As in some ethereal state, the stage becomes my blank canvas, which I paint using my whole self as a brush. In those moments ego disappears completely. What matters is  the power and the beauty of creation, the magic of the moment. That is how I know what my call is. (Interesting enough, things that make us worth the most, render our insignificance at the same moment, showing us the bigger purpose of our actions from a higher perspective.)

Authentic and honest interpretation is always recognized by the audience. It moves them. If people came out of a theater or concert hall a shade happier, wiser, and more fulfilled, the goal was achieved. If they were touched by someone else's story, they changed their view of the world and managed to see it from another angle. It leads to more understanding, developing more compassion for another and as an outcome getting closer and respecting each other more. An initiative on a personal level is enough, which can, and often does, move to the global one. That is why the world needs art. Life is full of challenges. Moreover the path of excellence is never easy. But if we dare to shift perspective, we might see that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow.

Although due to the rapid development of technology, one of the main characteristics of modern society is the demand for quick, simple but often superficial solutions, we all know that there is no magic recipe for easily achieving goals. Besides, every person has their own unique path. However, every pursuit of personal excellence seems to work by the same principles: stay true to your beliefs, stay focused, keep your goals in front of you and – never give up.

Written by:

Maja Santro

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