June 26, 2021
3 tips for resetting your habits
What are habits?

Our repeated actions, the things we do almost mindlessly are our habits. They reveal a lot about our character and our priorities, and they also have a hand in predicting outcomes we’ll achieve.

Our character is largely the sum of our habits.

Whatever we choose to invest our time in points to our hearts and our ambitions. We're always creating new habits, or reinforcing older ones. As singers, it's crucial that we are aware of this process so we can interrupt the negative cycle we may find ourselves in, and get into habitual patterns that will serve our greater goals.

Three reasons habits emerge

1. Making decisions takes time and energy and we actually form habits to keep ourselves from having to make the same decisions over and over.

2. Scientists say that habits emerge because the brain is constantly trying to save effort. If we don't interrupt our natural inclinations, our brains will make almost any routine into a habit because it gives our overloaded minds a chance to ramp down and rest.

3. Our brains want to ramp down because they always want to engage in something new or more important. So when we have an established habit, our brains can go on auto pilot and we can focus our time and energy elsewhere.

If after reading this you feel dissatisfied with your current cycle of habits and wish to achieve a different outcome, here are three small things you can do to reset your habits:

3 ways to reset your habits

1. Journal everything you do from the minute you get up. Mindfully take a count of your actions and see if they line up with your desired outcomes.

2. Change 1-2 small things to bring disruption to the pattern. It could be something as simple as getting up 15 minutes earlier each day.

3. Tell a friend or family member what you're doing so you get the support you need to stay accountable.

Changing a set routine or unhealthy habit doesn't happen overnight, but it is absolutely possible to do with the right plan. Make the commitment to yourself today and see what happens in just a few short weeks!

Written by:

Soula Parassidis

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